A magical and unforgettable Sámi sleigh ride
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Sámi culture in Kiruna Lappland
Sámi culture

Kuhmunen family

Marja Kuhmunen and her father, Nils Anders Kuhmunen are a Sámi reindeer herding family from the small village of Rensjön, located just 30 kilometers outside of Kiruna.


Marja and her family still live their daily lives in a traditional Sámi way.  They own reindeer and sell their reindeer meat and Sámi gahkku bread. They also supplement their income through offering authentic ecotourism experiences and by selling Sámi handicrafts.

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Daily life of the Sámi

Daily life of the Sámi with lunch

Experience the everyday life of a reindeer owning family at the Sámi village of Rensjön.


Meet reindeer owner Marja Kuhmunen and feed a group of her curious and gentle reindeer. In the corral you will become better acquainted with these wonderful creatures as they carefully approach you. After feeding the reindeer lichen by hand we will warm up in the Sámi kåta around a crackling open fire, settle down on soft reindeer hides and enjoy a lunch prepared with our own reindeer meat.

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Reindeer sleigh ride

Reindeer sleigh ride with lunch

Enjoy a magical reindeer sleigh ride across undulating snowy hills high above the Arctic Circle. As you silently glide across the snowy landscape your reindeer follow the trails of Marja’s ancestors through birch forests and over frozen marshland close to the Sámi village of Rensjön.


As the rhythmic and silent sleigh ride ends you’ll be welcomed into a traditional Sámi kåta where a warm log fire, traditional boiled coffee and a tasty stew made from local reindeer meat is served.

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