Reindeer sleigh ride

Reindeer sleigh ride with lunch

Enjoy a magical reindeer sleigh ride across undulating snowy hills high above the Arctic Circle. As you silently glide across the snowy landscape your reindeer follow the trails of Marja's ancestors through birch forests and over frozen marshland close to the Sámi village of Rensjön.

As the rhythmic and silent sleigh ride ends you’ll be welcomed into a traditional Sámi kåta where a warm log fire, traditional boiled coffee and a tasty stew made from local reindeer meat is served.

Owning reindeer remains a way of life for Marja and her family and your stay will offer an intimate and authentic insight into Sámi daily life and culture.


Information about this tour:

The minibus transfer from Kiruna to our reindeer corral at Rensjön takes just over 30 minutes. After a short 300-meter walk you will meet your Sámi guide and the sled reindeer. The reindeer are fitted with harnesses and we settle down on traditional sleds covered with soft reindeer hides. The reindeer take a 5-kilometer trail through birch forest and over frozen marshlands at the foot of the mountains. You will be given an orientation on handling the reindeer sleds. Guests ride in pairs on the sleds and the reindeer follow a pre-made track in single file.

After an exhilarating sleigh tour we arrive back at the reindeer corral where a traditional lunch is served in a Sámi kåta over an open fire. Lunch includes a delicious reindeer meat stew with potatoes and carrots, fresh Sámi gahkku bread, followed by coffee.

After lunch is finished there’s time to meet and feed 20-30 reindeer by hand with reindeer lichens. Once we've met and fed the reindeer we’ll take a short 300-meter walk back to our minivan for the transfer back to Kiruna.

During your stay at Rensjön Marja will introduce you to Sámi culture telling stories of traditions, folklore and ancient religion. You’ll learn about contemporary Sámi life and how mining and the moving of Kiruna town have impacted traditional reindeer ownership and culture.

Our aim is to ensure guests enjoy meeting Sámi reindeer owning hosts in an authentic and intimate setting.



Activity length:

Approx. 4 hours.


What’s included:

Transfers to/from Kiruna, insulated clothing, feeding reindeer, lunch, guiding, services as listed above and local taxes (moms).



2500 SEK per person (adult).

1320 SEK per child (3-12 years).

Minimum 4 people, maximum 8 people.*


* Note: If booked well in advance, we can accommodate more people.

This activity is subject to availability and must be booked at least 3 days in advance.