Sámi culture

Kuhmunen family

Marja Kuhmunen and her father, Nils Anders Kuhmunen are a Sámi reindeer herding family from the small village of Rensjön, located just 30-kilometers outside of Kiruna.

Marja and her family still live their daily lives in a traditional Sámi way.  They own reindeer and sell their reindeer meat and Sámi gahkku bread. They also supplement their income through offering authentic ecotourism experiences and by selling Sámi handicrafts.

The Kuhmunen family are part of Gabna Sameby which ranges south of the Torne River and includes some of Sweden’s most spectacular mountain scenery.

Sápmi, land of the Sámi people extends from Norway in the west, through Sweden and Finland to the Kola Peninsula in Russia. In Sweden Sápmi extends from Norrbotten in the far north of Sweden to Dalarna in mid-Sweden.

Traditional Sámi activities include reindeer herding, fishing and creating handicrafts.